Charly Reynolds & Haley Mae Campbell Head to the “Sand Bar” in their New Music Video

Charly Reynolds has released a video for her track “Sand Bar” which also features Haley Mae Campbell.
Charly knew the moment that she was finished writing the song, that not only did she need to record it…but it also needed a music video too!
Charly shared, “When writing ‘Sand Bar,’ we knew we had to film a video with the song because it is just too fun of a song not to have a video along with it!”
The one other thing she knew – Charly needed someone on the sandbar with her, “Before recording, I knew Haley would sound great on the track and add so much, so when I asked her I was so excited that she said ‘yes’ to featuring on the song.”

Haley Mae Campbell added, “’Sand Bar’ is all about finding your metaphorical beach. It’s the perfect song for the boat, the poolside, or even your backyard in a lawn chair. I hope the fans love how we brought this song to life!” 

Check out the music video for “Sand Bar” from Charly Reynolds, and featuring Haley Mae Campbell right here…

Photos Courtesy of Charly Reynolds